Tips on running your own Minecraft Server

Server Software

  • CraftBukkit – A version of the Minecraft server software that allows for plugins. Updated often.
  • Recommended Craftbukkit Server Plugins –

You can find all these and more at

  • CraftBook – From the same people that made WorldEdit & WorldGuard, lots of special features like;
    • Interactive mechanisms like bridges, elevators, and gates.
    • Redstone features such as integrated circuits and programmable logic chips.
    • Minecart enhancements such as stations and boosters.
  • Essentials – Tons of useful commands to help make your server easier to manage and more fun for your players.
  • MultiVerse – Allows for multiple worlds on one server. Get the Multiverse Portals & Multiverse Inventory plugins too.
  • PermissionsEx  (aka Pex) – If you want to limit which players can issue various commands you’ll need to organize thier permissions. This is fairly complex and editing the configuration file is tricky since a simple space in the wrong place can cause it to crash 🙁 However, it’s very powerful and can be a lifesaver if you need to limit permissions.
  • SimpleBackup – Better safe than sorry. No matter how careful you are something will get destroyed at some point and you’ll want an easy way to get a copy of your world from an hour ago. This plugin backs up all your worlds every hour and keeps the backups for a few days just in case.
  • WorldEdit – A great tool for building on a server. Remember though “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” – You can do amazing things with this tool but you can also destroy an entire map or crash a server if you aren’t careful.
    • PDF of worldedit commands – Nice printable reference sheet. Old but still useful.
    • Useful Commands – Just a few commands you might find useful.
      • //undo – Just did something wrong ? Just type this and poof, it’s like it never happened.
      • //fixwater – Level nearby pools of water.
      • //fixlava – Level nearby pools of lava
      • //drain – Drain nearby water/lava pools.
      • //schem save
      • //cut and //paste
      • //outline <blocktype> – make walls, floor & ceiling arond your selected area
      • //set <blocktype> – Fill the selected region with a blocktype. Example; //set air
      • //replace <blocktype> <blocktype> – Example; //replace stone coalore
  • WorldGuard – A companion plugin to WorldEdit, useful for protecting your creations from griefing.
  • Survival Games –