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Yes we will be back next summer

We haven’t picked the dates yet or signed any official forms yet but our plan is to do at least one week, maybe two, next summer, hopefully at the same location.

We had a blast and from what the attendees and parents told us, so did everyone else.

Stay tuned for more information, or drop us a line if you have specific questions.

Gaming Week coming up fast

Our dining room table this morning.

Our dining room table this morning.

Thought you might want to see what our dining room table looked like this morning. We’re gathering all the games we think folks might want to play next week and brushing up on the rules.

Gaming Week – July 22 – 26

Dear Gaming Week Participant & Parents,

We’re less than one week away from our first day! We’ve been planning this for months so it’s hard to believe this will really be happening soon. We’ve got lots of plans for different Minecraft challenges & lessons, have a bunch of outdoor games planned, and we also have a big stack of board games we can’t wait to play.

The main purpose of this letter is to just get some official information out to you about when & where Gaming Week is taking place and what we’ll need on the first mornings drop-off.

  • Location – Williamstown Elementary School, 115 Church Street, Williamstown, MA 01267 ( ). We’ll be using the computer lab & the cafeteria, both located on the first floor. It will probably be easiest to use the entrance off the parking lot off of School Street.

  • Dates & Times – July 22 – 26, 2013 – 9 AM – 4 PM.  Drop-off can take place as early as 8:45 AM and we would appreciate it if everyone could be picked up by 4:15 PM at the very latest. We will have an adult at the door during drop off & pick up times. These doors will be locked so if you ever need to pick up your child at another time please call us at 413-344-3834.

What to bring

  • Snacks & Lunch – We expect all attendees to bring a snack and a lunch. There will be a refrigerator available to store lunches if necessary. If your child might need a snack in ther afternoon before 4 PM please include that as well.

  • Minecraft Account information – Your child should have their own Minecraft account and should know their login information (username/e-mail address & password). If you don’t want your child to know the account password then please contact us. If you don’t have a minecraft account and wish to use one ours please let us know.

  • Board Games (optional) – If theres a particular board game your child REALLY likes and wants to share with others they are welcome to bring it with them.

  • Laptop Computer (optional) – If you want to play Minecraft on your own laptop you are welcome to bring it with you, but since we will now be using the schools computer lab this is not necessary. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing a laptop.

First day drop-off Information Needed –

  • Emergency Contact / Important Info Form – We will need parents to fill out a short form with contact information and any medical information (allergies, etc) we might need to know about.

  • Acceptable Use Policy – Since we’ll be using the schools computers (Macs) attendees will need to sign a copy of the ‘Williamstown Public School Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy’  ( )

  • Payment – We would like the remaining balance paid of your registration paid by check on the first morning drop-off. For most of you this will be $150 since you paid the $75 registration deposit initially. If you wish to pay by Paypal or credit card please contact me and I’ll make arrangements for that.

Survey – If possible we’d love to have the attendees answer a few short questions in an online survey here: . This should only take a few minutes and will greatly assist us in planning this week.

If you have any questions please reply to this e-mail or call us at 413 884-1111

We look forward to meeting you next week

-Emily & Matthew Baya


Don’t Kill Sheep If You Have Shears: “Minecraft” Lessons For Entrepreneurs

Just read this fun article on Fast Company about some business lessons one can learn from playing Minecraft

Gaming for a better world

A friend just mentioned on Facebook she was attending a lecture by Jane McGonigal talking about the social benefits of Gaming. I googled her name and found these two TED talks that look really interesting.

Gaming Week Brochure PDF

This is a copy of the the brochure we are handing out at the Williamstown Elementary School ‘Camp Fair’

Gaming Week Brochure


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Swedish School Now Has A Mandatory Minecraft Class


Gamification and project-based learning have jumped into the 21st century at the Viktor Rydberg school in Stockholm, Sweden where all 13-year-old students must now take a manadatory course on Minecraft. For those not familiar, Minecraft is a video game that lets you use blocks to build up just about whatever you want in a virtual world. You can then show off, share, and learn from what others are building in a safe and virtual environment.

‘They learn about city planning, environmental issues, getting things done, and even how to plan for the future,’ Viktor Rydberg teacher Monica Ekman told English-language newspaper The Local. ‘It’s not any different from arts or woodcraft,’ she added.”

Will Minecraft and Makerbot Usher in the Post-Scarcity Economy? | Idea Channel | PBS

Another video from the PBS Idea Channel from last summer. Note – You may want to stop watching when it gets to the comments at the end about a previous episode.

Note – Sadly Gaming Week will not include a Maker Bot. Maybe next year 🙂

Is Minecraft the ultimate educational tool?

This video was posted by the PBS Idea Channel podcast recently the other day and touches on why we’re focusing on Minecraft as the primary game for this week.

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